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 Private Training

DAY TRAINING - training your new puppy doesn't fit into your hectic schedule?  Have your dog trained by the professionals!  We'll come to your home while you're at work and train basic behaviors or work on problem areas and then, in weekly meetings, transfer the training to you.  Limited to within 30 minutes of Westminster.  Initial consult - $100, package of 10 visits - $500, package of 20 visits $950

IN HOME TRAINING - designed to train your dog in the environment that they need to behave in. We meet with you in your home, to solve the problems.  $100/hour within 30 minutes of Westminster, $125/hour greater than 30 minutes from Westminster

IN FACILITY BEHAVIORAL TRAINING - does your dog have problems that can't be addressed in a group class?  Meet privately with us to design and implement a behavior modification program.  $80/hour, $45/30 minutes.  Package of four 1 hour private training - $300, package of four 30 minutes private training - $160