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Manners Class Schedule

Monday3 pm Level 1

4 pm Level 2 & 3

6 pm Puppy
Tuesday6 pm Level 2

7 pm Level 1

8 pm Level 3
Wednesday7 pm Level 1
Thursday6 pm Level 1

7 pm Level 3

8 pm Level 2

​Just wanted to send you the fun picture from last. evening.  I also wanted to take a minute and tell you (and Val) how much we appreciate all you guys are doing for Willow/Sunday/Mocha.  We truly enjoy coming to class and we have such a good time. 

We are grateful for all of the guidance, training and special care shown to our girls.

Melissa Lindsey.

Our classes are ongoing so there is no waiting for the next class to begin!  For a flat rate, you can attend up to two classes per week while you work to achieve success at a variety of behaviors.  Your dog progresses at their own pace through the different levels. Once your dog masters the goal behaviors at each level, you move on to the next level.  All dogs are started at Puppy or Level 1 but may move on after the first class if all behaviors have been mastered.  Registration for Manners classes can only be done through coming to Orientation.  If your dog is not comfortable (including excessive barking) around other dogs or people, please contact us for alternatives to group classes. We limit the number of dogs in each Orientation to keep our Manners classes at manageable size so that you and your dog get a maximum amount of attention.  Unfortunately, at times, the wait for an available Orientation may be several weeks.


  1. Click here to sign up for orientation (Tuesdays at 5:30).    ​                                             Bring your dog and lots of good, soft treats.  

  2. While at orientation, learn a few behaviors to teach your dog until you can get started in class.

  3. Start in a Level 1 or Puppy class that fits your schedule.

Puppy Manners - Get your puppy started right! Basic manners and help with puppy issues.  Puppies from 8 to 20 weeks.  

Manners Level 1 - For dogs 21 weeks and older.  Basic manners, crate training, go to place and leash walking are emphasized.

Manners Level 2 - Builds on behaviors from Level 1 such as walking on a loose leash, coming when called and self-control behaviors. Working through distractions and attention to you is worked on in each class.

Manners Level 3 - Your dog is further challenged with increasing distractions and real life situations. Goals for this class include ability to perform behaviors in a variety of circumstances.

$140 for 6 weeks (must be used within 3 months) 

$260 for 12 weeks (must be used within 5 months) 

Manners classes