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Focus and Fun classes

All classes are on a 6 week schedule. $130

FIT, FOCUS, FOUNDATION AND FUN - Does your dog need a little more focus?  Are you preparing them for a dog sport career?  Do you just want to keep them fit as they age?  This class covers a variety of behaviors including choose to heel, body awareness, focus exercises, foundation behaviors for future dog sport careers, exercises for fitness and crate games. 

TRICKS - Impress your friends and neighbors with your amazing trick dog!  Tricks are a great way to focus and have fun with your dog. 

‚ÄčDOG ABOUT TOWN - Your dog behaves wonderfully at home and at class but as soon as you go out in public, they're CRAZY! The Dog About Town class helps you work on focus and manners in public as we visit a different location each week.  The last class is lunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating.

THERAPY DOG - Does your dog LOVE people?  Would you like to share his love with older people, young people and college age people?  Through this class, you'll find out if you and your dog have what it takes to be part of this rewarding activity.  Instructor for the class is Wendi Mitzel, who, as a very active member of Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services, brings years of experience to the class.

Building bonds that last a lifetime